More Within

The creation of a home is complex and wondrous. It is more than walls, a roof, appliances, and decor. It’s more than the land and property itself. It’s deeper and more profound than any other place in our lives because within it, is the life we lead. It is the daily air we breathe physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is primitive and elemental yet sublime. And regardless of fashion, style, taste or design, a home is by nature the one place in this world that contains life’s greatest values; family, friendship, love, rest, peace, grace, healing, growth, memory… the list of meaningful and life-giving qualities is innumerable. These qualities are what inspire us. Though at times, the things we collect and keep may seem superfluous, it is often within those simple things we find what really matters most. 

At Opus, we are inspired by the beauty of what is kept within the home. We are passionate about bringing beautiful order to the place we dwell, and the place we belong most in the world. We are inspired by the little things that we store up that make our house a home. We are committed to the craft of creating and delivering the most profound kitchen and bath cabinetry for our customers with grace and ease. Like a mother bird creates her nest, we create homes to store up life’s greatest treasures. We are in the business of storing “more”.

More love.
More beauty.
More memories.
More life.

Our Pledge

This is our commitment—that throughout each space where Opus is in the home, there is strength, durability, beautiful and cohesive aesthetics, and ease of use. 

Opus has one of the most experienced teams of cabinet professionals in the region. From your first interaction with our design team, to cabinet installation, to project completion and warranty fulfillment, we are dedicated to giving you the very best experience.

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—Cabinet Accessories

Our Process

The Opus process was created to engage and connect our customers to their home’s needs, and deliver an exceptional  product with grace and ease. With style and simplicity in focus, our expert design team will walk you through the process step by step. Our showroom is the perfect intersection of our service offering; providing samples, renderings, and living proof that our products are matchless in style and quality.

It would be our pleasure to connect with you—Simply contact us to get started.



Steve Meyer
Vice President
Grace Highfill
Vice President of Operations
Matt Winsett
Sales & Design
Jennifer Richards
Sales & Design
Carey Winsett
Field Manager
KJ Wimmer
Warehouse Manager
Mark Winsett
Showroom Designer
Michelle Johnston
Sales & Design
Rachel Valenti
Showroom Designer
Ernie Sanchez

Our Showroom

Our brand new state of the art cabinet showroom is conveniently located in Brentwood at 1537 Franklin Road, Suite 302. In order to ensure the best possible experience for our clients, we recommend making an appointment.